Infinigen culture nurtures health and safety, fosters cohesiveness

Infinigen Renewables is a company that is not only dedicated to the external environment through its work in solar power, but the company is equally dedicated to its internal environment as well.

As a leader in utility-scale solar projects, Infinigen has been making a positive impact in Puerto Rico since 2012. Since then, the company has been making strides to ensure they are developing a culture within their own company that nurtures health and safety in addition to inclusion, openness, and growth opportunities.

Puerto Rico enacted the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act in 2019. The goal is to get the island 100% powered by renewable energy sources by 2050. Infinigen is working hard to help Puerto Rico make that goal, and the company realizes how important it is to have an internal team that is just as dedicated to achieving that goal.

Prioritizing safety and honesty

As the health and safety coordinator for Infinigen Renewables, Christian Vélez said the well-being of all employees and the community is a top priority as the company works to expand its footprint in Puerto Rico. He said great measures are taken to ensure the safety of all.

“Health and safety is priority at our facilities and with every task that is carried out in our day-to-day operations,” he said. “It is what characterizes our company and allows us to develop more as a company.”

He said there are strict protocols that are followed daily in each facility and those procedures are constantly monitored to ensure a safe working environment.

In addition, Vélez notes, a strong commitment to ethical behavior not only contributes to a safer environment, but that commitment also creates a stronger company and workforce within.

“It is part of the company’s values and is one of the values that represents each one of us,” he said.

Ready for change

The U.S. Department of Energy released a comprehensive 2-year study that

explores the feasibility of reaching the goal by 2050. It’s an aggressive

approach and solar companies like Infinigen should expect rapid expansion in

the coming years. In a proactive move, Infinigen has developed a strategic plan to address those factors so that employees are ready to pivot and collaborate seamlessly when needed.

“What drives our culture at Infinigen is that we keep a constant state of change in mind,” said Naomi Betancourt, a company Asset Manager responsible for maintaining, sustaining, and optimizing all of the solar PV  assets across the platform. “We strive to leave a positive impact and this helps us work together and with other stakeholders in the industry, working hand-in-hand to promote change.”

The company has developed an internal culture that is deeply ingrained in all its team members. Believers in the power of different perspectives, Infinigen leaders embrace diversity that can boost creativity and innovation, create a more satisfying work environment for all employees, drive overall performance and productivity, and, most of all, allow employees to feel seen and heard.

“Our culture fosters trust. It is an open work environment where you can communicate your ideas,” Betancourt said. “This is what drives us to continue giving our best.”

Fostering growth

Due to the ambitious company growth plan to remain on track to reach a goal of 100% reliance on renewable energy across Puerto Rico, Infinigen has implemented ongoing efforts in training and leadership among all employees. The company recently rolled out the Infinigen Leadership Academy, an internal program that is aimed at company employees in leadership positions as they navigate expansion and growth.

The program is structured to support the demands and challenges of a growing company in a fast-paced industry. Some of the most common factors that can be challenging during the expansion of a company are:

  • Cultural differences, among employees and stakeholders
  • Changing and new regulations
  • Workload management
  • Evolving workforce dynamic

The program Infinigen has in place not only allows those within leadership positions to successfully move with the ebbs and flows of a growing company, but it also allows ample opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Betancourt, who has been with the company for ten years, said she has worn many hats as an employee with Infinigen, and she appreciates the opportunity to grow professionally.

“It has allowed me to get to know the business really well, and have seen how our culture has remained constant throughout changing times,” she said.

Vélez, who also serves as the Operations and Maintenance Supervisor for Infinigen, said the nature of the industry combined with working within a company that places emphasis on a thriving culture is key to success.

“It’s one of those things that keeps me in this environment. It makes us all feel good to help the environment and to work with people who have good performance at their jobs. You can see your own growth,” he said. “You are not in the same place because you keep growing. That’s personal satisfaction. You are achieving your goals while also helping the company.”

For Betancourt, Vélez, and the many other employees of Infinigen Renewables, it’s a cohesive culture that starts within and spills over into the island around them.

“In several locations after weather situations have happened, when we have gone towards the people, they have always welcomed us with open arms and shown us appreciation for the efforts we have done,” Betancourt said. “For me, that is one of the most important things to do – to show them with actions, not just words.”