Renewable Energy Company Lights the Way for Puerto Rico’s Green Future

Infinigen Renewables, utility-scale solar pioneers operating in Puerto Rico since 2011, envisions a more resilient and sustainable energy future for the island.

Infinigen is focused on delivering renewable energy that is accessible and affordable for all communities across Puerto Rico. “How we produce electricity has a direct impact on people’s wellbeing,” stated Leslie Hufstetler, CEO of Infinigen Renewables. “We want to empower Puerto Ricans with sustainable power sources.”

“Puerto Rico has a tremendous opportunity to transform its antiquated energy system into one that is resilient, affordable and sustainable for all its citizens,” stated Hufstetler. “Our company’s solar farms withstood 155 mph winds during Hurricane Maria with minimal damage, proving that well-designed and well-built renewable projects can be hurricane-resilient.”

For Infinigen, the push for renewables in Puerto Rico goes far beyond hurricane preparedness. “Fossil fuels pollute our air and accelerate climate change,” Hufstetler explained. “By transitioning to clean solar, wind and energy storage, we can build an affordable energy future that protects public health and preserves our environment for future generations.”

The company also sees energy storage systems as a key to enable renewables to reliably power Puerto Rico around the clock. Solar-plus-storage systems can provide uninterrupted clean power 24/7, greatly reducing reliance on polluting backup generators.

While the transition to renewables faces obstacles, Hufstetler remains hopeful given Puerto Rico’s abundant solar and wind resources as well as its skilled workforce. “With perseverance and collaboration between the private sector, policymakers, and citizens, we can turn Puerto Rico into a model of sustainability for the world,” he affirmed.

“If we could put up one billboard, it would simply say: ‘Never lose hope.'” Hufstetler concluded, “Together, we can light the way to a resilient, renewable future that empowers communities in Puerto Rico for generations to come.”

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